Is there negative marking in the test?

Only BCS , Bank and Primary Exam has negetive number as Exam rules other Test don't have negetive number. You should answer your questions wisely to get the appropriate results.

Why this skill test is important?

The skill test provides you the analyzed report of your skills. The test report elaborates on your ability to be employable. 

>>In Employability skill test you can test your employabe level and you will get Certificate from the test.

>> From BCS , Bank, Primary and PSC Test you can pratice here your preparation level as well as you will get 30,000+ question Bank with answer

Why can't I start the Test?

Please make sure about your payment. If the test is free then you will find a start exam button on the right side of the screen. Though you encounter any problem, please contact with Skill Jobs helpline.


What is the payment process?

Currently, we have bkash payment processesn and we are working  for online payment:

  1. You can pay using the bKash mobile payment option . For bKash payment, you need to Make Payment  to this no (01991195544) and provide us the Transaction ID.

How I get Certificate?

>>Login to our System

>>Click Analytics menu >> Then click History menu >> Then click 3 don and generate Certificate

Please see the screenshoot for your reference:


How to buy a Skill Test Pakage?

>>Firstly You need to register and login to our system.

>>After login you get the dashboard and you have to go pakage menue bar with link (https://test.skill.jobs/my-package)

>>Then You have to select pakage list, amount and bKash transaction ID

>>After that you will get your credit point with in 24 hour

Please see the user Manual for your reference:

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