Who Can Take The Test?

Anyone above the age of 18 years can take the test. It serves various purposes like SWOT analysis, subject selection, career development, training, and more. 


What are the evaluation sectors?

Skill Jobs’s Skill Test evaluates the skills and talents that have been acquired with respect to the person's background and normalized scores. The result also highlights the career choices on the basis of strengths but does not declare one to limit themselves to their strengths. These tests measure the strongest and the weakest abilities of an individual and also helps them understand which abilities are stronger. 


Job seekers can access these tests and would not have to wait a long time in order to get the results as they will get the results within minutes.

Employability tests are more commonly used by university students and fresh graduates as they are wanting to understand their abilities and also looking at career choices. By taking a test among 1000+ tests, they will get a clearer picture as to which training should they choose. 

What will be needed to sit for the online test?

You will need a laptop/desktop, webcam, and a stable internet connection.

Is there negative marking in the test?

No. There is no negative marking. You should answer your questions wisely to get the appropriate results.

Why this skill test is important?

The skill test provides you the analyzed report of your skills. The test report elaborates on your ability to be employable. 

Why can't I start the Test?

Please make sure about your payment. If the test is free then you will find a start exam button on the right side of the screen. Though you encounter any problem, please contact with Skill Jobs helpline.

What is the payment process?

Currently, we have 02 payment processes:

  1. You can either pay using the bKash or Rocket mobile payment option or pay in cash directly. For bKash and Rocket payment, you need to provide us the Transaction ID and for cash payment, you need to provide us the money receipt number while buying a test. 

  2. You can pay in cash at the Skill Jobs office. You can find the address in the contact section.

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